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Aurora Colorado's very own African food tour

Front of restaurant
Front of restaurant
Jodie Metcalfe

African Grill & Bar in Aurora, Colorado is a great little restaurant that stays true to the culture, the menu will take you on a tour of North, South, East/Central and West Africa. All recipes remain true to those of the African mother land.

Upon entering the place you are received by the feel of the African culture. From a family picture of the owners, to traditional clothing, bright vibrant colors and African nick knacks for decor.

Once you are seated, owner Adwoa will come to your table, hand you a menu bursting with mouthwatering pictures of their dishes. Adwoa will take all the time you need to answer any questions you have about the menu, ingredients, how a dish is cook, and what part of the country the dish originated from.

The menu covers all parts of Africa. Like any country each part has its own flare for food. African Grill & Bar does a wonderful job of having a detailed description of each dish along with what part of the country the dish was inspired from.

In many countries you will have a similar dish served in all parts, but varying in many ways.

Adwoa being from Ghana, is more than happy to explain the difference in a dish depending on what area of the country it is made. The food is delicious, lots of vegetables, even the fried food is good, it is not dripping with grease like a lot of fried food you order.

After talking with Adwoa, you come to realize that this family really enjoys what they do. Having owned a small business you understand that customer service is really important and is a vital ingredient to having repeat customers. The service here is phenomenal; it is so refreshing to have not only an employee but an owner be so helpful.

You really get the feeling they want you to not only have a traditional meal, but experience as well. From the customer service, to the knowledge they share to the bar stocked with traditional imported African beer, to the pride they take in their product.

If you are in or around Aurora, Colorado and looking for something out of the ordinary, maybe a fun date night. African Grill & Bar atmosphere is great, it’s quiet, and easy enough to have a conversation, the ambiance is relaxing and low key.

Great setting for a first date or someone just wanting to unwind from a long day of work. African Grill & Bar also offers not one but two locations one in Aurora and now one in Denver.

From a small business point of view this place has nailed it. The product is great, and the service is extraordinary. According to their website the owners previously had a business failure and vowed to do it again this time with no debt incurred. That is exactly what they did. This is a true story of living the American Dream. Proof of how hard work pays off.

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