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Aurahoops: Spreading the Love One Hoop at a Time

Dana Moore, founder of Aurahoops
Dana Moore, founder of Aurahoops
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Pell City, Alabama has hoop dance and fitness classes too. Dana Moore, founder of Aurahoops, created this Christ-centered dance and fitness company to help others discover God by growing deeper in their Spiritual life using hoop dance to express worship and warfare. Dana teaches her students to use the hoop to focus inward to avoid the many distractions of life. Training the body, mind, and Spirit, to move with the hoop as one unit creates a beautiful worship before our King.

Hoop dance will not only make you a creative performer but will also teach you how to relieve the tension and anxiety that everyday life throws your way. Additionally, hoop dance helps build a strong core, increases body tone and flexibility, and gives you more energy. After learning a just few basic moves you will have the power to create your own dance.

Join Dana at the Pell City Civic Center on Mondays, 6:30pm-7:30pm and Sundays, 10:30am-12:30pm at Trussville’s Just Dance Studios. To learn more about Dana and Aurahoops, visit her website at and let’s get hooping.