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August women's group gathering


   photo courtesy of Sainsbury's

Last night's Unitarian Universalist Powerful Outstanding Women [UUPOW] gathering proved to be a delight.  Held at Lorena Rostig's beautiful Germantown home, the ladies enjoyed delicious food, drinks, and-- for most!-- a dip in the pool.

Margaritas were a huge hit, as were the Izze flavored sodas and fresh orange juice.  The menu consisted of several pizzas, hors d' oeuvres, and a delectable tray made by one of our guests where various fruits were dipped into chocolate.  A highlight of the night was the scrumptious pasta salad made with fresh basil that was picked by the UUPOW's straight from Lorena's garden. 

A brief rain shower caused humidity levels to spike...perfect for cooling off in the pool.  Almost everyone got in the water at some point and those who didn't at least got their feet wet.  Freida, the Rostig's dog, served as the mascot-- and got the royal treatment as she was floated down the pool in her own personal water bed. 

Discussions centered around everyone's hobbies and passions, careers, families, the church, and everything in-between.  What's so special about the UUPOW gatherings is that it is a completely supportive environment.  Everyone encourages the others wholeheartedly.  Between the various females in attendance, there are so many unique talents and special projects floating around.  It's very inspiring to be around this group.  Members will universally agree that it is refreshing, empowering, and thought-provoking to spend a night with the UUPOW's. 

As a testament to phenomenal personalities in UUPOW, a secret must be divulged.  We had with us a guest who was technically outside our age range, making her a suitable candidate for the other women's group.  In order to conceal her identity her name will not be revealed.  The general consensus is apparent: nobody wants to 'graduate' UUPOW....perhaps nobody will notice if they wait until their youngest member [that would be me] gets a little older so they can make the group transition as a unit!

Stayed tuned for information about the September UUPOW meeting.