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August Ultra Street Fighter 4 tournament results from Insomnia VGC

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This past Saturday, Insomnia Video Game Culture held their August Ultra Street Fighter 4 tournament. Continuing their trend of large scale tournaments, 56 players entered the latest competition. Among the players were past winners Display Lag Adeel "FourWude" Soomro, Boost Jan Del Rio, Marcus "Nytemare Raven" Ramirez, Anas "Hunted Chimera" Khan, and Mike "BrolyLegs" Begum. Also in attendance was Guile Disaster from Dubai, making a return visit to Houston after first appearing in town 3 years ago.

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On Adeel's quarter of the bracket, he swept his first two matches before running into some trouble with Synx, but prevailed 2-1 to advance to the winner semifinals. Below him was Nytemare Raven's quarter, which he swept his way through all 3 of his matches 2-0. Broly and Chimera met in the highest profile quarterfinal match, ending up in Chimera pulling off the upset over the winner from the last USF4 tournament. Guile Disaster was able to power his way through Jan and others to take the last semifinal spot. Raven would go on to defeat Adeel 2-1, while Chimera knocked Guile Disaster into losers as well.

In the losers bracket, Genius and Dandy Cage has solid runs through a huge draw to make it all the way to the top 10. But both would fall in a 9th place tie with Hadoken69 and NYC Sabo. Synx defeats JustRun, and Broly eliminated Sylint to place them in a tie for 7th. Both would then tie for 5th by losing to FourWude and Guile Disaster respectively. FourWude eliminates both Guile Disaster and Nytemare Raven to place them 4th and 3rd. In the Grand Finals, FourWude took a 2-0 lead on Chimera's Fei-Long. Chimera then switched to Yun, and made a dramatic turnaround by taking the next 3 games and winning the tournament! Congratulations to Anas "Hunted Chimera" Khan!