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August, the healthiest month of the year

August Night
August Night

All year round, it seems we dedicate every second to planning, doing and running from one thing to the next. While the school year and business planning for 2015 are around the corner, revel, in knowing that they are just around the corner and not right now.

Within the next few weeks, allow yourself to let out a few "aaahs" and follow these 5 steps to enjoy being right where you are. Nothing more; nothing less.

Step 1. Reflect on the best moment you've had all year -- no matter how large or how small. Understand what made it so special to you and realize that the elements of its' success make up your personal values; own them.

Step 2. Enjoy a peaceful moment outside to yourself. Let the images of 7 p.m. sunsets, the sounds of laughter, and the smell of barbeque soak into your mind. Remember these feelings of care-free bliss, during the months ahead.

Step 3. Think back to where you were, what you were doing and how you felt this time last year. Whether you prefer then or now, you are still one year older; one year wiser. Decide how you can use that knowledge to your advantage.

Step 4. Dream about how you want to feel in the year ahead. If there are moments from the past, where you wish you handled something differently, acknowledge that moment now and also let yourself off the hook for it. What's done is done, and you're a better person for it.

Step 5. While you are enjoying your peaceful moment from Step 2, decide that you will always remember that moment, when you feel out of sorts. Remember that despite what may be occurring in your life or in the world around you, that you enjoyed a raw moment; -- and for even just one-minute, believed in the beauty and happiness that surrounds you.

The countdown to September may be on, but instead of feeling the pressure of yet another deadline -- allow your mind to wander and enjoy one or all of the 5 steps to make August your healthiest and most mentally-sound month yet.

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