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August's Friday Night Magic promo is Bile Blight

This spell turns men to Silly Putty.

One of the complaints most often heard about FNM promos is about power level - the logic being, why give out promotional cards if nobody is going to want to play them anyway? Well, even the grumpiest grognard would be hard-pressed to say that about the latest Friday Night Magic card revealed. Yes, after a bit of a mix-up regarding months, it seems that August's Friday Night Magic promo is that nasty in every sense of the word two-mana piece of mass(?) removal, Bile Blight.

Amazing against tokens and any kind of deck that packs multiples of a given creature (so just about any aggro deck), Bile Blight's original artwork is nicely executed but, to be honest, pretty prosaic as far as disease magic goes. It doesn't move one to despair or fear or revulsion. Legion of guys retching and breaking out in black sores? Ehh, well, at least they died with some kind of dignity. Didn't look like it hurt too bad.

The new Bile Blight, on the other hand? This should come with a content warning. This might be one of the grossest Magic card arts I've ever seen, if not the absolute grossest. Robert Bliss hasn't got anything on Nils Hamm. That's seriously way more melted flesh than I needed to see for my lifetime quota. Gods in Nyx, that poor bastard's twisted, putrefying lips... and his eye open still conscious while his head turns to jelly around it... eugh. Well, I've said enough. The art might have succeeded too well at conveying the mood of the spell.

Can your stomach handle the proposition of winning one of these in August? Let me know in the comments.

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