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August H&8th OKC Midtown event: schedule and driving and parking suggestion

Oklahoma City's once monthly midtown bash, H&8th began this afternoon around 5. Events don't start on the schedule until around 6 or 7, but typically there are various food trucks already set up by 5. This is an all ages event which has no admission. Food and beverage vendors charge as per their menus. The venue has picnic tables, and various other outdoor seating. Some people will bring a blanket and picnic at the federal building across the street which has a huge lawn and garden always open to the public.

PORTER PEACHES August OKC Midtown Food Truck Festival

There are no restrictions on food coming into the area. Only previously contracted food vendors may sell at this event.

Temperatures are rather moderate, at 82 degrees, some risk of rain but this looks to be pretty minor and a nice evening out under the stars.

Traffic patterns today are still clogged as NW 10th Street and Dewey to Hudson is blocked Eastbound by new construction for St. Anthony's Hospital. It is much better to try 13th Street to a connecting cross street like Harvey or Robinson. 6th street is a clean shot across. Parking on the street is readily available around the venue which stretches now from 6th to 10th on North Hudson.

A sign at the Southern end of this property notes that H&8th is the largest food truck event ( in the state?). The presenting trucks tonight are here So there is plenty of freshly prepared hot and cold food available.

Live music schedule is here

Saint Anthony's Hospital Emergency Room entrance is on 9th between Shartel and Dewey, so staying off of 9th anywhere WEST of Walker would probably be appreciated by the hospital staff.

Saint Anthony has their farm fresh Made in Oklahoma (MIO) tent, which includes fresh produce and fruits, as well as jarred goods. Tonight, this included juicy Porter peaches which are luscious at about 60 cents per peach. These peaches are completely tree ripened and come from Porter, Oklahoma.

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