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August Giggle.Play.Connect. events

As summer turns to August, take a moment to ponder... what were your fondest memories of the summer days of your childhood? What things did you get to do? What things did you like to do? How did you play? Were you outside from after breakfast until your parent(s) called you in or until the streetlights began to glow? Were trees climbed? Was water involved? How about bugs or fish? Were games invented with other kids? What did you learn?

Here in Minnesota, we like to make sure we are enjoying the dog days of summer in the out of doors. We avail ourselves of the opportunities to run around without a parka, to bike without slipping on the ice, to picnic and boat and swim and just GO. In that spirit, here are the details for the final Giggle.Play.Connect. events of the summer that will help make sure you are connecting with yourself (Giggle.), the outdoors (Play.), and your community (Connect.) while you can.

Firstly, this Saturday, August 2 at Shady Oak Beach, Giggle.Play.Connect. will be teaming up with MNAqua and the Nine Mile Creek Watershed District to offer kids a chance to try their hand at fishing! Hopkins-Minnetonka Recreation Services will be waiving the admission fee to Shady Oak Beach for the event, so even if you don't care to give angling a go, you can still have an amazing time at the facility where there is a great park, great beach, and other great activities.

The final event of the summer will be on Saturday, August 23, at the Groveland Elementary school's playground. This is the location of several Giggle.Play.Connect. events including the very first and it is a great place to play and meet friends new and old. Many additional activities will be offered which promise lots of fun to be had by all.

All Giggle.Play.Connect. events are free and are for the whole community, regardless of ability. There are always resources, you can connect with others, and you might even get a cookie. ;) Grab ahold of those beautiful summer days in Minnesota while you can! Contact Mary Hauff at or 612-423-2795 to RSVP or to ask any questions. See you at the park!

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