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August games now available on Club Nintendo

These eight games are currently available for download
These eight games are currently available for download
Club Nintendo

Club Nintendo has updated their rewards section for the month of August and with the update comes a chance to download eight different games.

In past months, only four games have been offered. The usual setup includes two games for the Wii U and two games for the 3DS. For the month of August however the options have been extended to four games per system. Below you can take a look at the available games and the amount of coins that they cost.

Wii U

  • Super Mario Bros. 2 - 200 coins
  • Excitebike - 200 coins
  • Star Fox 64 - 250 coins
  • Vegas Stakes - 250 coins


  • Baseball - 150 coins
  • Puzzle Leauge Express - 200 coins
  • Mario Golf - 200 coins
  • Dr. Mario Express - 200 coins

Both Star Fox 64 and Vegas Stakes are also available to be downloaded for Nintendo Wii owners. This also means that the games will be downloaded to the Wii menu on the Wii U, making them less accessible and only usable if you have Wii controllers as well as a Wii Classic controller.

Of the Wii U games, Super Mario Bros. 2 seems to give you the most value. It, as well as Excitebike, downloads straight to your WiiU menu. While Super Mario Bros. 2 is often considered the ugly duckling of the Super Mario franchise, its differences make it a fun change of pace from the usual Mario formula.

As for the 3DS games, Dr. Mario Express is a must have for puzzle fans. Puzzle League Express, much like Dr. Mario Express, is also good for fans of the Tetris type genre. Both games are great for when you need to kill some time quickly, which is why they are perfect for Nintendo's handheld system.

These eight games are only available to be downloaded until September 7. Once that day rolls around the games will change, so if you don't like any of the former games then it would be smart to save your coins till next month.

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