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August Alsina Goes HAM On BET's '106 And Park' Over Trey Songz Questions

August Alsina does not want to talk about Trey Songz
August Alsina does not want to talk about Trey Songz
Photo by Daniel Zuchnik/Getty Images

August Alsina isn't letting anyone step all over him and he doesn't care whether he's live on TV or not. Apparently, August does not want to be asked ever again -- seriously, ever! --about his now nemesis Trey Songz.

August was appearing on BET's 106 And Park on Tuesday night when he got a little irritated after the host, Keisha Chante, asked him if he will ever record with Trey again. Obviously, Keisha was just doing her job and asking the questions she was told to ask however, August must have let the show know that he did not want to answer such questions. As a result he went a little HAM on the poor girl.

"I just told ya'll not to ask me that s--t," he said, deadpan. The audience laughed nervously at first then stopped when they realized the rapper/ R&B singer was not joking.

Can anyone say Awk-ward?!

Poor Keisha Chante tried to continue with the questions despite being point-blank shot down, but it wasn't happening. You can't really blame August though. He was on the show to promote his album not to talk about some war with Trey Songz.

What do you think of August going off live on TV? Do you think he was right to embarrass Keisha Chante like that?

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