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August 7th Elections - The offices on the ballot

Your vote, your voice
Your vote, your voice

Every county has a little different election landscape on their ballot depending on how their local terms are set up, but here are the basic ballot guidelines for the August 7th elections.

County General

A County General Election is the election in which all voters make the final choice from among the county party nominees, independent candidates and write-in candidates for a specific office. All ballots (Republican and Democrat State Primary Ballots) will have the names of County General candidates, including School Board candidates.

State Primary

In the 2014 election cycle, the Tennessee State Primary will include candidates for the Office of Governor, U.S. Senate, U.S. Congress, State Senate, & State Representative. You will choose a Republican or Democrat Primary Ballot. All County General candidates will be on both ballots.

State Executive Committee

Every four years, the Republican and Democrat party will have elections for state committeepersons (one man and one woman) in each state senate district. The State Executive Committee operates as the governing body for the state party. They establish rules and measures that best promote the success of the party and the broadening of its base. The SEC establishes policy to guide and direct County Parties. These candidates will appear on their respective primary ballots.

Judicial Retention

Every eight years, according to the current Tennessee Plan, the citizens will vote "yes or no" to retain state judges for the Tennessee Supreme Court, the Tennessee Court of Appeals and the Tennessee Court of Criminal Appeals. The next regular election for state judges will be in August 7th.

Tomorrow, we will go over voting guidelines.

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