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August 2nd Smash brothers event at GameClucks attracts more then 100 players

The August Smash Bros event at GC was nothing short of amazing yet again. More then 100 people in attendance. While we only truly track Melee and Project Melee at this event, we also ran Brawl 1v1 and 2v2 and N64 1v1 as well.

Results/brackets are as follows:

Melee 2v2 Bracket

Melee 1v1 Bracket
1st place went to GameClucks' sponsored player SilentWolf, 2nd place to 62BitGaming|Bladewise, 3rd to Iceman

Project Melee 1v1 Bracket
1st place to GC|SilentWolf, 2nd to 62Bit|Bladewise and 3rd to Blu2

Congratulations to the winners of this event!

The GameClucks Smash brothers monthly events have been attracting more then 100 players for the last six months straight, and often more then 120. The Project Melee bracket is usually capped at 64 players, while Melee 1v1 is allowed to break the 64 player limit. Brawl and N64 are usually 16-24 players.

The next GameClucks Smash Brothers Monthly will be on Saturday September 6th, starting at Noon!
These events have a $5 Venue Fee, $10 1v1 Entry and $10 per Team 2v2 Entry.

GameClucks is the leading e-sports outlet in the Pacific Northwest, attracting players from Washington, Oregon, Idaho and British Columbia on a weekly basis for their various events. For more information on GameClucks see their Facebook page at and their website at

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