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August 2014 will be a busy month for artists in Detroit

August was considered a slow month in which no one wants to do anything. But the Red Bull House of Art is turning that common wisdom on its head, boldly going ahead with the Round 8 opening reception on August 8, featuring the brilliant jeweler Tiff Massey and the superb painter Austin Brady.

There are no summer slouches at Detroit Artists Market (DAM) nor at 555 Gallery and Studios, with both galleries having shows that open the very first day of the month. At DAM, If You Build It They Will Come will be up for almost the whole month, while at 555 the first two weeks of the month are devoted to Haiku, and barely a week later the SnapShot Photography Show will open and be up until September 6.

At Wayne State University, the Chagoya/Goya exhibit at the Elaine L. Jacob Gallery opens on August 1, but there won't be a reception until September 25. The time-based media exhibit at WSU's Art Department Gallery will be up until August 22, and then that gallery will be closed the rest of the month.

A few exhibits that opened in July will continue through August. The Kelsey Brookes exhibit at Library Street Collective will be up through August and well into September. At What Pipeline, Anne Speier's Lurk-Hive Balance will be up until August 23. The idea of August the sluggish month persists in some quarters, and some galleries will be closed for much or all of the month, however. After taking down Melanie Manos's Heightened States exhibit at some point after August 9, Re:View Contemporary will be closed until September. Live Coal Gallery is not opening at all in August.

It is very difficult to tell whether there is anything going on at the Kunsthalle Detroit, which, for being a museum of light-based art, appears rather opaque to inquiry.

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