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August 2014 trivia

As always, here are this month’s trivia questions. Enjoy and good luck! Of course, remember to tune in next month.

1) What is the tallest mountain in Nevada?

a. Mount Charleston

b. Wheeler Peak

c. Boundary Peak

d. Mount Whitney

2) What is the Trail of Tears?

a. A path over 1000 miles long in which 15000 Cherokee were made to march in 1838

b. The wet tracks of a snail

c. A new nightclub in Las Vegas

d. An unofficial weekly procession all over the world where participants lament their problems together

3) What is the significance of the Gateway Arch in St. Louis, MO?

a. Situated on the banks of the Mississippi River, it is the Gateway to the West

b. It was built for newlyweds to walk through a Gateway together into a new world

c. It was originally designed as the entrance arch to Yellowstone National Park, but when St. Louis mayor saw its planning, he used the city funds to have it built there instead

d. It was designed to trick aliens into believing that passing through the arch would lead to an alternate universe

4) Which of these is the sole Indian nation of the Southeast Plains to remain in its place of origin?

a. Shawnee

b. Cherokee

c. Wichita

d. Comanche

5) Who was Manhattan purchased from by the Dutch in 1626?

a. The Pemigewasset

b. The Delaware Tribe

c. Jamestown Colony

d. The pilgrims

Answers: caacb

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