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August 2014 Astrological Overview

August will be a month of cheerfulness and vitality as Leo infuses our souls with light and warmth. The positive energy of Leo – zodiac sign which is ruled by the Sun –, can’t be matched by anything else. Furthermore, it is a Fixed sign, which means that it promotes long-lasting inner fire and enthusiasm. Thanks to this beneficial wave of energy, we may easily bring your plans and projects to fruition. The current arrangement of the celestial bodies is one of happiness and progress. Leo is the “host” of three powerful presences: the Sun – giver of warmth and life –,Jupiter – a beacon of light and provider of guidance –, and Mercury – responsible of perception.

August is the time for thrilling experiences, given that we all burn with power and excitement. It is also a time for removing from our lives those things which hold us back, binding us to a life we’re not truly passionate about. The only way to go from here is forward, listening to that calling inside each of us which pulls us closer to our dream life.

Venus, ruler of love, brings more light onto the Leo scene on the 11th of August, stoking the fires of passion to the maximum. This astrological connection is so stimulating that any kind of social interaction and/or event is marked by that individual or happening which grabs you in the moment. August is a great month to love and to be loved, and to relax and reboot together with friends and family.

Leo is a Fire sign which is also correlated with predators, otherwise known as “Big Cats.” This month comes with some truly provocative energy, determining any individual to boldly defend his or her “territory” (i.e. private life). The last month of summer is the time to be fierce! The pride associated with Leo makes us aim higher and wish for more, receiving recognition for our unique presence. August is a month for action. If actions are rooted in our hearts and timed appropriately, nothing and nobody can stop us from achieving what we have set our minds on. Throughout the entire month of August, Mars is in Scorpio, encouraging strategic action which yields fast results.

Another important planet, Mercury, is in Leo up to the middle of the month. These astrological circumstances lead to interesting situations and events. August begins with a few clashes between Leo and Scorpio, also involving Mars, Jupiter, and Mercury. Mercury aligns to Jupiter on the 2nd, only to be held to account by Mars on the 2nd and Saturn on the 8th in Scorpio. Your enthusiasm may be confronted with a reality check, but even then the light of Leo combined with the genius of Uranus will keep your spirits high and your energy levels soaring. Take advantage of the Mercury clashes, allowing them to awake you to new possibilities and to reveal those shadowy places which need more light.

August also starts with Venus in Cancer, creating a fortifying trine to Saturn, which is in Scorpio. Bottom line is that all roads in August lead to emotional authenticity. As summer approaches its end, the Sun goes into Virgo on the 22nd of August, and then passion is replaced by doing/action. All the big dreams nurtured by Leo are turned into plans and the plans are acted upon under the influence of Virgo.

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