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August 12, 2014 DVD and Blu-ray: Disney's 'Tarzan' Special Edition

Coming to Blu-ray for the first time is Disney’s legendary adventure Tarzan Special Edition with spectacular picture and amazing high-definition sound. This wild and wonderful family favorite is the 37th animated feature in the Walt Disney Animated Classics series. Based on Edgar Rice Burroughs’ story Tarzan of the Apes, it is directed by Chris Buck and Kevin Lima, and produced by Bonnie Arnold from a screenplay by Tab Murphy, Bob Tzudiker and Noni White. The stellar voice cast includes Tony Goldwyn, Minnie Driver, Glenn Close and Rosie O'Donnell, with Brian Blessed, Lance Henriksen, Wayne Knight and Nigel Hawthorne. Tarzan is considered to be the last of the Disney Renaissance to garner major box office success. Phil Collin’s song "You'll Be in My Heart" won an Academy Award and a Golden Globe for Best Song.

Disney's 'Tarzan' Special Edition on DVD and Blu-ray ||
Disney's 'Tarzan' Special Edition on DVD and Blu-ray || Buena Vista Home Entertainment
Disney's 'Tarzan' Special Edition on DVD and Blu-ray
Disney's 'Tarzan' Special Edition on DVD and Blu-rayBuena Vista Home Entertainment

Set within the deep jungle, baby Tarzan is adopted by a female gorilla named Kala after his parents are killed by Sabor, a rogue leopardess who had also killed Kala’s own child. As Kala raises Tarzan as her own, he befriends other gorillas in the troop and other animals, including a young female gorilla named Terk and a paranoid male elephant named Tantor. Although Kerchak, the leader of the gorilla troop, initially disapproves of Tarzan, he eventually earns Kerchak’s reluctant respect after he kills Sabor. Living happily in the jungle, Tarzan’s “two worlds” collide when human explorers arrive. Finally meeting his own people for the first time, Tarzan disregards Kerchak’s warnings to stay away from humans and ends up falling in love with Professor Porter’s daughter Jane. As Tarzan learns English and the human world, he finds himself at a crossroads where he must decide between a “civilized” life with Jane or a life in the jungle with his fun-loving animal and gorilla friends and family.


  • Tony Goldwyn as Tarzan
  • Alex D. Linz as Young Tarzan
  • Minnie Driver as Jane Porter
  • Glenn Close as Kala
  • Lance Henriksen as Kerchak
  • Brian Blessed as Clayton
  • Nigel Hawthorne as Professor Archimedes Q. Porter
  • Rosie O'Donnell as Terk
  • Wayne Knight as Tantor

Special Features:

  • Deleted Scenes
  • Research Trip To Africa
  • The Making Of The Music
  • "You'll Be In My Heart?" Music Video Performed By Phil Collins
  • DisneyPedia: Living In The Jungle


Best Prices:

Blu-ray Combo Pack (includes DVD and Digital Copy) - $16.96 at Walmart stores, $17.99 at, Best Buy,, $19.99 at Target