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August 1, 2010, Orchard Road Christian Center Celebrates 50th Anniversary

Marilyn Hickey Preaching
Marilyn Hickey Preaching
Marilyn Hickey Ministries

“Who would have her?” Marilyn Hickey thought as she promoted her radio program in the early 1960’s.

However, Orchard Road Christian Center (ORCC) grew, as did the radio audience. Then God began to deal with Marilyn about television.

In 1971, Marilyn went to Channel 9 in Denver. Her 30-minute program aired on Sunday mornings. She said, “I know they thought I’d never make it.” But she did, for eight years.

Trinity Broadcasting Network (TBN) approached Marilyn to teach on a program for free. She taped 14 programs in two days, once a month. TBN continued for a year and then said it’s too expensive and that she would have to pay her way.

Raising her own funds now 39 years later, Today with Marilyn and Sarah reaches over 2 billion people every weekday.

When her children were young, Daisy and T.L. Osborn had prophesied over Marilyn. They said, “You will go to leaders of nations and you will be a world evangelist.” Marilyn couldn’t imagine how that could be but knew her call was to “cover the earth with the Word.”

She began with a trip in 1983 and Ethiopia was a key turning point. God opened her heart as she saw what she could do as she brought food and 10,000 Bibles into this communistic country. 

Next, the Lord told Marilyn He wanted her to come back for a healing meeting.

Although she was allowed to bring food and Bibles, her attempts for this type of meeting failed in both 1984 and 1987 because she was a woman.

In 1994, the communist government was overthrown, and she applied once again. They wouldn’t consent without a religious group sponsor. The officials gave her in same answer in 1997. However, in 2002, she  received permission and partook in a healing meeting with 40,000 people.

Marilyn has traveled to 125 countries and is planning a group trip to Morocco, October 9-17, 2010. Yet, it’s not about the number of nations visited. As Marilyn would say, “It’s about the souls.”

The baton has passed at ORCC. Reece and Sarah Bowling have been there for 14 years and Reece has served as Senior Pastor since 2003. Both Sarah and Marilyn preach on various Sundays. Sarah’s passion is intertwined with Saving Moses, a worthwhile program to reach endangered children across the globe and, like Moses, pull them to safety  and enable them to become what God intended.

Sunday, August 1, 2010, ORCC will celebrate their 50th Anniversary at their 6:00 pm service.


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