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Audrina Patridge says 'Hills' fights were fake

Audrina Patridge was another one who came clean to "E! News" Friday, January 3 about fakeness on "The Hills" saying fights were forced by the producers.

Audrina Patridge comes out about 'Hills' fakeness.

Audrina admits she got into a fight with Kristin Cavallari only for the cameras, Audrina obliged because she had to get to another event and producers would not let her go until the fight took place.

Audrina says "The Hills" started out real, but got manipulated & guided to a point where you didn't know what to expect at any given time... producers even locked all the doors where shoots took place.

Off of fakeness, Audrina opened up about staying in amazing shape saying she looks good because of her fast metabolism and eating more than the average person just to maintain her weight.

Audrina Patridge finds herself eating more lately because of her new job hosting "1st Look" starting January 11 travelling to different places eating unusual things, but Audrina still workouts twice a week and adding pilates to her routine.

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