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Audrie Pott: Teen boys sentenced in assault that led to 15-year-old's suicide
Larry Pott and his wife, Lisa, pose for a portrait holding a picture of Larry's daughter Audrie, who killed herself in 2012 after being sexually abused by teenage boys.

Audrie Pott, 15, passed out at a house party in 2012. Three teenage boys then “digitally penetrated” her – sexually assaulting the Northern California girl, taking photos of the incident and later sharing them via text messaging. Shortly after the incident, distraught with embarrassment and shame, Pott hung herself in her family’s bathroom.

The Associated Press on Thursday carried a recap story of the teen’s horrific ordeal, and stated that the three boys, whose names have not been released, admitted to the crime last September.

Their sentence? Thirty to 45 days in juvenile detention, to be served on weekends.

On Sept. 10, 2012, eight days after attending a house party at a friend’s house in Saratoga, Calif., Pott killed herself. At the party, she drank Gatorade mixed with alcohol, fell asleep, and later woke up with her pants off and lewd comments scribbled all over her body. She was raped and abused. The boys who did this to her photographed her and sent the pics out via text to their friends.

"My life is over," Audrie posted on Facebook shortly before her suicide, according to the San Jose Mercury News. "I have a reputation for a night I don't even remember, and the whole school knows."

Because the boys were juveniles – two were 16 at the time and one was 17 – they were afforded a wide swath of leniency. Pott's family and friends feel that an injustice has been committed.

“As much as we strongly disagree with and are actively attempting to change the lenient privacy laws afforded to juveniles, even when they commit as heinous acts on an unconscious minor, we cannot publicly comment on any aspect of any criminal proceedings involving these young men,” the family’s attorney, Robert Allard said in a statement late Tuesday.

Had the boys been tried as adults – on the same felony charges they admitted to – they would have served up to ten years in prison.

Now the family is left with memories while their daughter’s attackers will spend a few weekends in juvenile detention before being absolved of the crime.

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