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Audra McDonald suicide attempt: Actress admits to trying to take her life

Audra McDonald
Photo by Andrew H. Walker

Audra McDonald is best known for her time on "Private Practice." This famous actress is now speaking out and admitting to a suicide attempt that is shocking her fans. They had no idea that she had this in her past. On Friday, New York Daily News shared what she had to say about it.

She sat down for a big interview with "Popcorn With Peter Travers." In the big interview, she explains what exactly happened in her past. She said, "When I was (in college) at Julliard, I had a suicide attempt. I tried to slit my wrist." Audra is doing great now.

McDonald went on to say, "When someone is suicidal, one of the first things you have to do is to protect them from themselves. They had a mental health facilitator there, a therapist there and they checked me into a mental health hospital, where I was for a month and got me the help I needed. Julliard was like ... 'We think that that musical theater thing is more for you anyway. That seems to be where you're the happiest."

She went on to say, "I went out and did 'Secret Garden' and then I came back and finished Julliard." Fans know that after that she has done television. "Private Practice" is one of the best shows she has been on though.

Audra has been able to have an amazing career. She is married with one husband. It is great that she was able to admit that she had a suicide attempt but that she came out okay in the long run. She should be an inspiration to anyone who has been through problems like this in their past. Audra McDonald is one of the best actresses out there and has overcome her problems with depression.

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