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Auditions: 'Stage Door' at Dover Little Theatre

Stage Door
Stage Door

Dover Little Theatre at 60 Elliott Street in Dover, New Jersey, will be holding auditions for Stage Door, a classic play by Edna Ferber and George S. Kaufman. Directed by Alex Oleksij, it is the tale of young...actresses living at the Footlights Club, who are struggling to make it on Broadway in the 1930s, and about one actress, Terry Randall, and the choices she makes. It is very different from the movie version.

The show will run seven performances June 14 through June 28.
Auditions will be held at the theatre on Sunday March 16 at 7:30 and Monday March 17 at 7:30. Callbacks will be Wednesday March 19 at 7:30. Auditioners are strongly encouraged to be available for callbacks as casting will probably be done at that time.

This is the kind of play Broadway never does any more, and community theatre rarely does outside of musicals, because the cast is huge. There are thirty parts to be cast, 19 women and 11 men. The younger actresses may be asked to tap dance, so they should be prepared.

Mattie (30s-60s) – housemaid at the Footlights Club. She is the one who really runs the place. She loves the girls who live there, though she doesn’t always understand them. Always busy keeping her eye on Frank.
Frank (20s-60s) – can be either Mattie’s husband or son, depending on casting. Frank is the houseman at the Footlights Club, not the brightest bulb in the chandelier, and feels the temptation of being surrounded by pretty young actresses.
Big Mary (20-30) – very petite, but with enough energy to fill a room.
Little Mary (20-30) – very tall, Big Mary’s best friend and faithful shadow, the Tonto to Big Mary’s Kemosabe.
Bernice (20-30) – the least talented but perhaps the most optimistic of the girls in the Footlight Club. Can’t quite grasp the fact that going to auditions would improve her chances of being cast.
Madeleine (20-30) – one of the more successful girls; has never made it to Broadway, but is always being cast in tours that take her back to her home town of Seattle.
Judith (20-30) – Terry Randall’s closest friend. Sarcastic and cynical, but supportive. The type of person who will tell you the truth when you need to hear it.
Ann (20-30) – withdrawn and frigid, cannot stand the loose living of the girls with whom she rooms.
Kaye (20-30) – shy and retiring, the girl with a secret. Fleeing an abusive husband she has run to the theatre as a refuge.
Linda (20-30) – very beautiful, but has forsaken acting to let a “sugar daddy” take care of her.
Mrs. Shaw (40-60) – Linda’s mother, who is shocked to discover the true life that her daughter is leading.
Jean Maitland (20-30) – beautiful and vivacious, Terry’s friend and roommate, she becomes a movie star.
Bobby (20-30) – a delicate little Southern belle.
Sam (20-30) – Bobby’s boyfriend, a struggling actor from Texas.
Louise (20-30) – a failure as an actress, she leaves the theatre to become a housewife, only to leave her husband and return to the theatre.
Susan (20s) – the youngest member of the Footlights Club, still attending acting school. Lands a part as an understudy on Broadway.
Devereaux (20s) – Susan’s boyfriend, also attending acting school, still optimistic about his future career because he has yet to enter the real world.
Pat (20s-30s) –nightclub dancer. Must be able to tap.
Kendall (20s-30s) – very elegant, member of an old Boston family. Doesn’t really need to act to live, yet achieves some success, to the envy of the other girls.
Mrs. Orcutt (40s-60s) – owner of the Footlight Club, a failed actress, not so much a has-been as a never-quite-was. Very much a grand dame, she likes to be a mother hen to her girls, but can be tough when necessary.
Terry Randall (20s-30s) – the most talented actress at the Footlight Club, but since she doesn’t fit a particular type, all she ever gets are small roles in flops. David Kingsley wants to make her a movie star, but Terry wants a life in the theatre.
David Kingsley (30-40) – formerly the boy wonder producer of Broadway, now the boy wonder producer of Hollywood. He makes Jean Maitland a movie star and wants to do the same for Terry Randall.
Keith Burgess (30) – ferocious young playwright, wants to write for the masses, plays full of thunder and lightning and power and truth – until he becomes successful and goesHollywood in a big way. The character is very much based on Clifford Odets.
Dr. Randall (50-60) – Terry’s father, a kindly old country doctor. Sweet and loveable.
Adolph Gretzel (50-60) – the head of Kingsley’s studio. A self-made mogul, he knows the movies business but doesn’t understand theatre.
Fred Powell (40ish) – businessman from Seattle, friend of Madeleine’s family, takes her out to dinner whenever he’s in New York. Boisterous and somewhat crude.
Lou Milhauser (40ish) – lumberman who is Fred Powell’s friend; overly hearty; develops a crush on Judith.
Larry (30-40) – Jean Maitland’s Hollywood publicity man.
Billy (30-40) – Jean Maitland’s Hollywood photographer.

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