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Auditions for Columbia Entertainment Company's Book Of Days

On Tuesday September 6th and Wenesday September 7th from 6:30pm-9:30pm you should be doing nothing other than auditioning for Missouri playwrights Lanford Wilson's Book Of Days.

This play is about a community theatre in a small Missouri town. Ruth plays the lead in the next play, George Bernard Shaw's Joan Of Arc. Ruth is the bookkeeper for a cheese factory and a member of the local fundamentalist church. After her boss is killed one night, everyone in town accepts it as a hunting accident. But Ruth has doubts. As rehearsals continue, Ruth embodies the spirit of her new role as the fearless Joan of Arc and decides to seek the truth at any cost.

"This is a murder mystery, a comedy, an exploration of human nature and a portrait of a woman discovering unsuspected strengths and depths in her own nature. This is an excellelnt story by a Missourian who is one of our best playwrights."

Auditions will be held at the First Baptist Church, 1112 East Broadway, Columbia Missouri

Please enter in the back of the church and go to the 4th floor gym.

Auditioners will be reading from the script which will be provided for you at auditions. Actors need not prepare any aditional material but please bring a list of any conflicts you may have.

If you are intrested in auditioning but cannot make the audition dates or have any further questions please contact the director Kristen Olson Malinee at:

Performance dates are November 3-6; 10-13; 17-20 2011 with a possibility of added benifit performances.

There are 12 roles: 5 women; 7 men

Roles as follows:

Ruth Hoch – Bookkeeper for the Dublin Cheese Plant. (Age range: late 20’s to early 30’s) Description: Ruth’s honesty wins her the role of Joan of Arc in the local production of St. Joan. When Ruth learns of Walt’s death she senses something is not right and challenges the town of Dublin to tell the truth.

Len Hoch – Manager of the cheese plant, Ruth’s husband. (Age range: 30+)
Ruth’s loving husband. Len is passionate about artisan cheese and excited about his opportunity to create exceptional quality cheese at the plant.

Boyd Middleton – Stage director from out of town. (Age range: mid 40’s to early 50’s) Boyd came to Dublin to escape the L.A. scene and his seedy past. He doesn’t expect much of the mid-west or the people who live there.

Ginger Reed – Assistant to Boyd. (Age range: late 20’s through early 40’s)
Ginger is a local girl with artistic ambitions. She is eager to learn anything she can from Boyd about the art of theatre.

Martha Hoch – Len’s mother; junior college dean and teacher. (Age range: 50’s) Martha is a fish out of water at the local Christian college. She can be her true self with her family, but must keep the secrets of her free-wheeling youth under wraps in order to keep her job.

Walt Bates – Owner of the cheese plant. (Age range: late 50’s to 60+)
Walt’s primary focus in life is the cheese plant and creating a legacy for his son. He is easy to respect, but no so easy to love.

Sharon Bates – Walt’s wife. (Age range: 50’s)
Sharon is a beautiful and tasteful woman. She has been a dutiful wife and doting mother. Sharon dislikes foul language and expects those around her to behave properly.

James Bates – Walt’s son. (Age range: mid 30’s)
James is above all else handsome and charming. He has ambitions beyond Dublin and the cheese plant. He is used to getting what he wants from his family and from women.

Louann Bates – James’ wife. (Age range: early to mid 30’s)
Louann loves James and works hard to be the perfect wife for him. She cannot see that no matter what she does she will never be the one James wants.

Earl Hill – Dairy inspector at the cheese plant. (Age range: mid 30’s) Earl is a working man and James’ drinking buddy. Earl resents Len’s relationship with the boss.

Reverend Bobby Groves – (Age range: mid 30’s) Reverend Bobby Groves is as smooth as glass and with the looks and grace of a golden angel who is blessing Dublin with his presence.

Sheriff Conroy Akins – (Age range: 40’s to 50’s)
Is a straightforward hard-working man liked by his community. He won’t deny the truth when it’s standing right there in front of him. At the same time he doesn’t want to jump to any hasty conclusions.


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