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Audioboo: ‘High-quality, artist-led album narratives’ boost album sales

Artists sell more digital albums through spoken word narratives
Photo by Getty Images/Getty Images

Artists sell more songs and engage more fans by publishing a quick, spoken word audio narrative about how they made their albums online, stated a presentation by Audioboom Group PLC’s (BOOM.L) on its software product Audioboo. Audioboom refers to this narrative as a “high-quality, artist-led album narrative.”

Audioboom explains that broadcast commentaries made by the artists themselves could provide online listeners, including, “trusted tastemakers” and potential fans better insight on their music. These commentaries in turn can also be used by listeners to recommend artist’s songs.

“Written, wordy, text based music reviews on a platform playing songs doesn't make sense anymore,” Audioboom stated in the presentation.

Audioboom added that narratives could “deepen the fan’s experience with music” and strengthen fan loyalty to the brand or artist.” “Nostalgia sells,” Audioboom noted.

Some industry insiders share the same advice for musicians as Audioboom.

“People connect with stories,” said writer and digital marketer Chris Bolton of CD Baby in his article on Host Baby, a website catering to independent artists. Also according to Bolton, there are many ways for artists to share such narratives online.

“Interview your band mates. Interview your fans. Use video, blog posts, Newsletters, Facebook, Twitter and other means to share bits and pieces of the album making process. This will imbue your album with more value and increase sales. Plus good stories are contagious and can raise awareness and create new fans,” he added.

Audioboom said musicians can “make sound more social” by using the Audioboo platform to leave fans an audio message before hitting the stage, and cross-publishing it to their social media accounts in real time for their followers to listen to.

“Talent use Audioboo to create buzz - everything from live gigs to new music,” Audioboom said.

Audioboo is a digital audio social media platform allowing content creators to fully record, edit and share any personal material to the rest of the world. It has the same features of SoundCloud, a direct competitor, and is believed to phase out Soundcloud in the long run.

Audioboom states it owns all the content published on its platform but reaps no royalties from it. Meanwhile, musicians and other partners can monetize on their content through pre and post roll advertisements from each audio track they record or upload to the platform.

Audioboo has over 2,000 content partners and over 80,000 registered users as of April 2014.

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