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Audio and video marketing increasing in popularity

Audio and Video Marketing

Audio and video is becoming more popular as an advertising medium on the Internet as faster Internet connections and cheaper bandwidth become more common.

Websites like have made it easy for just about anyone to share videos. In fact, many large corporations have used the popularity of YouTube to post commercials or to host commercial making contests. Audio and video advertisements can also be embedded into a webpage like a banner ad or can pop up onto the screen, so look for websites that accept this type of advertising.

Audio and video offer a unique opportunity because they capture attention in a way that banner ads and text or PPC ads might not. They also give the business an opportunity to capitalize on branding and personality marketing. This is particularly important for small business owners when personality is their biggest marketing strength. People buy because they like you. If they can see your face and hear your voice, it’s easier for them to relate.

Tips for Audio & Video Advertisements: You don’t need to hire a professional film crew or recording studio to get into audio and video. There are many available tools that make audio and video accessible to online advertisers.

For example try:

*Audio Acrobat or Audio Generator to stream audio. Or create mp3 recordings with the free Audacity Software.

*Create videos of your computer screen using Camtasia or load videos from your video camera to the Internet using Easy FLV.

Of course, you still want to put together a professional recording, keep it succinct, but don’t be afraid to have a little fun with it.

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