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Audi promises production laser-based headlights for its cars

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Popular mechanics reported earlier today (Jan 15,2014) that Audi announced during the 2014 Detroit Auto Show and during the Consumer Electronics show earlier last week that they would be including laser-based headlights into their production vehicles sometime in the near future.

With the ability to shine light accurately almost a quarter of a mile down the road,shine three times brighter than LED’s, laser based headlights represent a leap forward in lighting technology and takes off where LED’s stop.

The Laser based headlight works by shining a laser beam onto a diode which difuses the laser into a white light. According to Audi, the laser’s themselves aren’t strong enough yet for production vehicles and are at a point in technoilogy where LED’s where 10 years before. The actual laser projector itself is very small and the packaging design benefits are superior to that of LED’s an obviosuly modern day HID’s.

Most likely, production vehicles will have low beam LED’s and employ laser-based high beams.

Laser based headlights will first maket their appearance on Audi’s racecars including the 2014 Audi R18 e-tron Quattro LMP1 racecar. After rigourus real world racing testing, it will slowly make its way to production vehicles.

The biggest stumbling block for Audi might come from US Department of Transportation, who has the final word on any vehicle technology in the US market.

Source: Popular Mechanics