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‘Auction Hunters’ question ‘To Pawn or Not To Pawn’ on Spike TV

Auction Hunters Allen Hall and Ton Jones
Auction Hunters Allen Hall and Ton Jones
Spike TV

On tonight’s back to back second episode of “Auction Hunters,” Pawn Shop Edition, Ton Jones and Allen Haff who dug through hundreds of unclaimed storage units hunting for discarded treasure, now own a shop called Haff Ton Pawn Shop and must keep it filled, as they search for more on this episode titled, “To Pawn or Not To Pawn.”

As the episode opens, it is the last day for Big Sis, who will be sorely missed. However, the notice from the accountant paints a picture of the shop in trouble and all arrows point to selling the shop.

As the guys leave for Covina, they know that special effects will be in one of the units. They spot Carolyn, and she got the inside scoop too.

The first unit does not look like special effects to the guys, but Carolyn is really eyeing it, and does not know what to look for the way the guys do, and they let Carolyn have it for $700.

The second unit contains an oak cabinet and some plastic tubs. They know this is not it either and Carolyn gets this one too.

The third unit contains exactly what the guys are looking for and will go up to $2,000 for it. They got it for $1,300 and are hoping that Dennis’ idea of special effects is worth the bid. When Ton moved some mats, he found an air mortar, the same kind that shot a pumpkin 5,545 feet in 2010. They also found an air ram, used to launch stunt men, like in the final scene of Commando.

When they return to the shop, the landlord meets with them, and wants to buy the shop, lock, stock and barrel. They agree to think about it, but on to the movie set. Allen agrees to be the crash-test dummy for the air ram, but the expert warns him; it could hurt him very badly. Fortunately, it worked and propelled Allen in the air and he landed on an air bag. $4,000 was the price they got for it, thanks to the amateur stuntman.

They then went to the desert to see another special effects expert who was surprised to see the air mortar. One the size they found could kill someone. It could launch a sofa through a building. They had a pool in the truck, and there was a hose on the site, so they launched a steel ball that blew up the pool and got $2,500 for the mortar.

When they returned to the shop, for the farewell celebration, they had champagne and gave Sis some getting started money for her journey. The happy dance she did was adorable, and she will be missed.

When the guys call the landlord, it looks like they made a deal, but guess fans will have to wait till the next episode to find out.

At the end of the day, they paid $1,300 for the unit. They sold the air ram for $4,000, the air mortar for $5,200 on this episode of “Auction Hunters.”

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