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‘Auction Hunters’ hear ‘You Foos You Lose’ on Spike TV

On tonight’s episode of “Auction Hunters,” Pawn Shop Edition, Ton Jones and Allen Haff who have dug through hundreds of unclaimed storage units hunting for discarded treasure, now own a shop called Haff Ton Pawn Shop, on this episode titled, “You Foos You Lose.”

Auction Hunters Allen Hall and Ton Jones
Photo by Jason Merritt/Getty Images for Spike TV

As the episode opens, the guys are ready to hit an auction, as Big Sis hands them the keys after having it tuned up. They are headed to West Los Angeles, where people have money, so they expect great things, when the truck breaks down. They manage to get there via Big Sis, and to add another miserable part to their day, those guys who continue to overbid them are there.

The first unit contains boxes of Twinkies that are no longer made by Hostess. However, the over-bidders got them for $1,300.

The next unit did not appeal to either Allen and Ton or the over-bidders; it contained remnants of a sleazy bedroom and lots of porn films, but somebody got it for $50.

The last unit, contained things from a man-cave; video games, a foosball table, and other things that appeal to guys. They got this one for $825. They found great stuff they can use for their shop, including a Fender banjo, a stripper pole and the foosball table that probably was made in the 1960s. Then Ton found a metal box containing Tommy Gun parts. Big Sis came by with a rental truck, and the guys loaded it up.

At the shop, they set up the foosball table, and Terry; a professional foosball player came by to see it in action. They played Terry and if they could score just one goal, she got the table for $900, but if they did not score, it was $700. She got it for $700!

When they brought the Tommy Gun parts to an expert, he was thrilled, but he was unable to purchase them. The guys could give them to him, but the law did not allow them to sell these because they were high-powered weapons, and they must be licensed to do so. Because the guy was connected with the film industry, they can receive a kickback wherever these are used in a movie. But Ton had a chance to shoot something with them before they went on their way. If and when they ever see anything from them is up in the air, but just being able to shoot a Tommy Gun was all the enjoyment Ton needed.

At the end of the day, they spent $825 for the unit and bought $100 worth of Twinkies from their Frenemies, but with the banjo selling online for $1,250, they hopefully had enough money to fix Betsy on this episode of “Auction Hunters.”

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