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‘Auction Hunters’ hear the words ‘You Got Served’ on Spike TV

Auction Hunters Allen Hall and Ton Jones
Auction Hunters Allen Hall and Ton Jones
Spike TV

On tonight’s episode of “Auction Hunters,” Pawn Shop Edition, Ton Jones and Allen Haff who dig through hundreds of unclaimed storage units hunting for discarded treasure, now own a shop called Haff Ton Pawn Shop.

As the episode opens, it is Saturday at the shop, where they give free appraisals. Big Sis came up with the idea, and the guys love it. So they go on their way to a storage unit auction, only to find that there are hundreds of people there, and only two units available, adding to the misery, two of the most notorious over-bidders are there.

As the first unit goes up, it is a large unit with crappy furniture and as the bidding goes skyward, they raise the bid until the over-bidders take it for $3,600.

As the next unit goes over $1,000, the guys leave the over-bidders to get questionable disc jockey equipment for $1,700.

As they are driving from the auction, Ton spots a yard sale in a great neighborhood. As they start buying, they continue to look around at the great items for sale. This included a vintage Samson steamer trunk, as the name Samson was the predecessor of Samsonite. Inside the trunk were several vintage wood tennis racquets.

When they return to the shop, Big Sis is swamped with people, but nobody wants to take her offers. So the guys went behind the counter and made some deals. They got an old squib box; that is a mechanism used to deploy airbags, ejection seats and parachutes, as used by movie studios. Squibs are also used to deploy fake bullets, so they fitted Allen with a suit that contained squibs that were deployed as Ton shot him in a fake gunfight. If the item works, the expert who they knew will pay them $750, for the item they just bought for $100.

They then went to visit a woman named Moe, a tennis pro who is a collector of vintage racquets. She bought them for $2,250 and a few lessons for the guys.

The day was a fun one for the guys who stocked the shelves in the shop and made $1,485 on just a few items on this episode of “Auction Hunters.”

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