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‘Auction Hunters’ finds ‘Allen’s Big Crush’ on Spike TV

On tonight’s episode of “Auction Hunters,” Pawn Shop Edition, Ton Jones and Allen Haff who have dug through hundreds of unclaimed storage units hunting for discarded treasure, now own a shop called Haff Ton Pawn Shop, on this episode titled, “Allen’s Big Crush.”

Auction Hunters Allen Hall and Ton Jones at the Haff Ton Pawn Shop
Spike TV

As the episode opens, the guys are in the shop as Big Sis hands them a spreadsheet of items that never leave the shelves. As a manager, she knows what sells and what does not. They are to be looking especially for sports and automobile memorabilia and vintage toys. So off to the auction they go, to one that is not widely advertised. When they are the only ones there, they sign in as two separate bidders, which are enough to start the auction. However, the auctioneer wants to wait around for more people. When a guy comes in abruptly, they suspect he is a shill bidder; sent by the auctioneer to raise the bid, so the legitimate bidders pay more.

The first of three units is packed with clothing in see-through bags, but the guys feel that although it is not on Big Sis’ list, it is easy money, for about $100, but they get it for $300.

The next unit contains monster truck tires, and suddenly Carolyn; their old apprentice arrives with her father to bid. They got the unit for $2,000, and are still annoyed about the shill and the auctioneer.

As the shill starts the bidding, Allen takes Carolyn aside to tell her that the shill is pitting them against each other, so they agree to split the unit and the cost and get it for $325. When the auctioneer sees them agree on the unit, he asks if they are in cahoots with each other, and Allen tells him yes, just like him and the shill.

As they try to split the unit amicably, some disagreements ensue. But the furniture went to Carolyn, and the toys and memorabilia went to the guys, including a mystery box that neither couple could identify. When they posted a picture of it, a musician named Eban came to see it. The item was called a Theremin, and was the first electronic instrument invented that produced eerie sounds. Led Zeppelin guitarist, Jimmy Page was known to use a Theremin during concerts. The musician bought it for $1,000.

Later, the guys took the monster truck tires to a guy who owns two monster trucks. They got a history lesson about monster trucks that go back to the 1980s. It costs about $250,000 to build a monster truck, and the tires brand new cost about $3,200 each. The tires were not new and nowhere near the new price, so he offered them $2,000 for all six tires. When they settled on the price of $4,000, Ton put in that the owner would let Allen drive the monster truck. As Allen was having a great time, he even got to drive over a junk car and crush it, for his big crush.

In the end, they sold the clothes for $1,200, the Theremin for $1,000, the tires for $4,000. They paid $2,463 and sold the items for $6,200, making a profit of $3,737 on this episode of “Auction Hunters.”

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