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‘Auction Hunters’ find ‘Allen vs. Ton’ on Spike TV

Auction Hunters Allen Hall and Ton Jones
Auction Hunters Allen Hall and Ton Jones
Spike TV

On tonight’s episode of “Auction Hunters,” Pawn Shop Edition, Ton Jones and Allen Haff who used to dig through hundreds of unclaimed storage units hunting for discarded treasure. However, in the last season, a riff between Allen and Ton sent Ton on a vacation, and he has yet to return to Haff Ton Pawn, their shop called Haff Ton Pawn Shop.

As the episode opens, Allen greets his staff at the shop, who give him the list of the day’s auctions. Allen is psyched to get more items for the shop, and cannot wait. He hopes to return like Santa Claus on Christmas morning with plenty of stuff to sell.

When Allen arrives solo, fellow bidders are curious as to where his partner is. Suddenly, Ton arrives and is not there to see Allen. Finally, Allen goes over to talk to Ton, who is not ready to return to the shop, and asks Allen if he wants to buy him out. Allen is not financially able to do this, as Ton left him with all the responsibilities of the shop. Ton called a cease fire, and told Allen to let him bid on what he likes, and he will let Allen bid on his likings. But Allen knows; if you are not with me, you are against me, so game on!

The first locker contains vintage furniture that Allen just loves. However, along with Ton, he has Yosemite Sam budding against him, and Sam has deep pockets and seven stores to fill. The second one went to Sam again, the third, and the fourth.

Finally, the two guys decided to call a truce. With a lease hanging over their head, the shop could easily go under if they do not stock it with new stuff. As the fifth unit bid escalates, the guys call a truce and finally outbid him and get the unit for $3,500. When they were looking through the unit, they found an old cash register, a Martin trumpet, a metal detector, and then they found go-karts.

When they arrived at the shop, the guys got to talk it out. Allen told Ton he cannot do it without him, so he had to decide if he was in or out. Ton was in, and told Allen that he needed a vacation as much as Ton did two weeks ago. But first they had to sell those go-karts. They met with Andrick, a go-kart expert. He agreed to buy them from the guys, provided they drove them on the track and they worked. Bingo! They worked and they got their $5,500. With more items sold in the shop, they paid $3,500 and sold them for $6,300, giving them a profit of $2,800, and a lasting friendship once again on this episode of “Auction Hunters.”

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