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‘Auction Hunters’ experience ‘Separation Anxiety on Spike TV

On tonight’s season premiere of “Auction Hunters,” Ton Jones and Allen Haff dig through hundreds of unclaimed storage units hunting for discarded treasure. However, in the last season, a riff between Allen and Ton sent Ton on a vacation, and he has yet to return to Haff Ton Pawn, their shop.

Storage Hunters Allen Haff and Ton Jones
Photo by Jason Merritt/Getty Images for Spike TV

On his vacation, Ton went to visit his childhood friend Robert, who runs a fabrication shop in the Mohave Desert. Ton wants Robert to customize his truck.

Because Ton has been missing, Allen has brought along Elle, a shop employee to come on his storage auctions to replenish the items in the shop. While they are gone, Big Sis is running the shop. Elle was born in Brazil and is very excited to come along with Allen to a massive container warehouse auction, unlike the typical ones, this is unclaimed freight that has not been opened in ages. Allen spots his fellow bidder Carolyn, who is alone today and wonders where Ton is.

The bidding proceeds as Torrie, the auctioneer gives the warning to the bidders. The first unit contains stuff Allen wants for the shop, and plans to get it. But his limit was $700 and it went to someone else for $725.

The next container contains antiques, but in Elle’s excitement, she mentions a jewelry cabinet, and how much they intend to bid, as other bidders hear their strategy as Carolyn gets it for $2,700. Clearly, Elle and Carolyn do not like each other.

The last unit contains what Allen believes to be a vintage motorcycle, and he does the bidding on this one and wins it for $1,800. When they open the boxes, they find just parts for a vintage Indian motorcycle. Nevertheless, they could be worth plenty.

Meanwhile, in the desert, Ton and Robert completed the roll bar on his truck and Robert wants Ton to come join him in the business. Ton is now wondering if he made a mistake partnering with Allen.

Allen took the motorcycle parts to John at Atlantis Motors, who stated that it looked like a box of junk, until he saw the original wheels. Allen tried to get $5,000, and Elle suggested that because it was Ton’s forte, he should call him. Allen is not going to do that, and decided to have John mount them on another bike, and he will test them out. If they are fine, then he will get $3,500 for the wheels and the parts. They spent $1,800 and sold $4,000 of the items for a profit of $2,200 and still more stuff for the shop on this episode of “Auction Hunters.”

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