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Auberge Le Bocage: your perfect weekend getaway

Le Bocage
Le Bocage

Nestled in the heart of Coaticook Valley, in the Eastern Townships, lies Auberge Le Bocage.

This is not your run-of-the mill Inn. At Le Bocage you will enjoy a magnificent culinary experience, gorgeous well-preserved pool and gardens, and marvelous accomodations all under one roof.

As soon as you enter this romantic domain, you will be transported to the Victorian era. You will find a great cluster of treasures collected by the owners throughout the years. Your eyes will not tire of the plethora of antiquities to admire. When you are inside Le Bocage all you will want to do is sit back and relax. You will delight in the charms of yesterday while enjoying the comforts of today.

Revel in the vast green scenery of this 6 acre land in the summer. Its majestic gardens are very well-maintained. A beautiful heated in-ground pool is at your disposal during the summer months. Lounge around the pool under the shades of maple trees and lush vegetation which surround the estate.

In the winter months, you will love to get cozy around the fireplace while you read a good book and admire the beautiful winter scenery.

For your accommodations, you could choose from four glorious rooms. Relax in their ancient decor and admire their perfect little details. Unwind in the comfortable beds for an afternoon nap before heading down to enjoy your regal dinner.

You could have your meals in the cozy dining room or on the airy terrace during summertime.
Let your taste buds soar while delighting in this succulent gourmet experience. Chef & Owner Francois Dubois's menu is nothing short of perfection. Every meal is prepared with intricate detail, care, and creativity.

Make your choice from having 3, 4, 5, or 6 dinner services.Another distinguished detail about this restaurant, is that you will never get the same service as the person next to you. You will get one of 2 pre-designed menus. So you get to taste, share, and compare.

Of course the food is something else. It's incomparable to anything you have ever had. Chef Dubois's ideas are very original and innovative. He handpicks his game menu items such as deer, rabbit, duck, quail, bison, and many more.

You will start off by succulent cold entrees such as trout tartare or grilled melon salad. That will be followed by an original concoction of duo soups such as Crecy cardamom combined with schezuan peppered brocolli.

After that comes the tantalizing hot entrees such as regional cheesecake with pine nuts& red and hot peppers, and pan-fried shrimps on grilled pineapples. You will enjoy a break to savor the luscious original tasting home-made sorbets.

After your sorbet comes the main dish which is superior to say the least. Enjoy delectable meals such as rabbit rolls covered in two mustards, or deer medallions with pommegranate sauce. And as if all this is not enough, end it all with a suculent dessert such as the famous Moe's River mud pie or mint flavored creme brulee.

You could also enjoy this wonderful dining experience without staying at the Bocage. You could call in advance to reserve your special dinner. You can also hold your special events at this wonderful location. Le Bocage hosts weddings as well as corporate events.

Everything about Le Bocage is simply magnificent. You should definitely make it your next weekend getaway.

For more information or to make a reservation click here or call 819-835-5653.


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