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Attractor patterns already on the menu along Clear Creek

Pick a dry like a size 14 to 16 caddis or stimulator and keep a close eye out for the take.
Pick a dry like a size 14 to 16 caddis or stimulator and keep a close eye out for the take.
Photos by Brian La Rue

Close to home, exciting and dowright fun; those are three adjectives that accurately describe Clear Creek. Whether you target the upper reaches near Idaho Springs or the pocket water above Golden, fishing is good despite thunderstorms, construction and erratic flows.

Jerry Eshleman works a hopper along the banks of Clear Creek.
Photo by Brian La Rue

"Water clarity is good and flows are a little up," said Pat Dorsey at Blue Quill Angler in Evergreen. "Water temperatures are in the high 40s and the fish are hitting midges, caddis, blue winged olives and attractor dries.

"Fishing is good right now with fish holding in the transitional water, so blast an attractor dry right at the bank and hang on," added Dorsey.

As a regular on Clear Creek, I'd try elk hair caddis, PMX or yellow stimulators. Red and yellow are the best. Maybe start with a midge or olive hare's ear under a yellow stimulator, but by late morning, you won't need to fish two flies. The trick is to cover lots of water and hit every spot that's knee-deep and with current just a tad bit slower.

"Alright folks it is on," said Rob Brozovich at Clear Creek Outdoors in Idaho Springs. "Mike our local pilot who uses his overnights here in Denver to fish Clear Creek, had a good day with the old reliable Puterbaugh caddis. Dry fly time is heating up. Remember fish those banks. With the water coming up, those fish are being pushed to the edges."

Sounds like if you fish something brown and yellow along the edges and seams you'll do well. Look for any current breaks and remember to let the fish take the big dry before you pull it away from him.


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