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Attractive convict lawsuit: Florida woman sues for 'hot' mugshot photo, overuse

Hot mugshot of woman now part of official lawsuit
Hot mugshot of woman now part of official lawsuit
Meagan Simmons (Facebook), UPI

The Florida woman behind the “hot” mugshot image that remains viral across the Internet is now filing a lawsuit against a website for overusing her picture, failing to properly pay her, and invading her privacy. Known to many as the “attractive convict” and the source of hundreds of funny memes, Meagan Simmons is the very real woman behind the eye-grabbing ad of a beautiful female’s fake mugshot. However, UPI News has made it known this Friday, Feb. 28, 2014, that Simmons has finally had enough, and wants to start seeing some compensation for the hit photo that has “captured” the hearts of many.

If you’re a frequent web surfer, then it’s very likely you have come across the “hot” mugshot photo. Like the meme featured above, Meagan Simmons is much more commonly known as the “attractive convict.” Her image has been the brunt of many puns, including that she was “arrested for breaking and entering my heart” or “guilty of taking my breath away.”

While it looks like this lovely lady enjoyed all the notoriety at first — the mugshot photo was first used as advertising on websites back in mid 2010 and quickly went viral — she is now filing a lawsuit over it. With her interviews with major news sources like the Huffington Post and the Daily Mail behind her, it appears that the 28-year-old wants some overdue payment for the overused image.

Just this week, Meagan Simmons filed a formal invasion of privacy lawsuit against the background check website, She alleges that the site is using her picture for a variety of commercial purposes without her proper consent and failing to pay her for the “hot” mugshot image reproduction.

"At the end of the day, this is actually about intellectual property," her attorney, Matthew Crist, told the Tampa Bay Times. "If someone is going to use your image, they need to pay you for it."

One of the photos linked to the lawsuit filed by the Florida woman in this “attractive convict” case includes the mugshot with the caption:

"Sometimes the cute ones aren't that innocent,” used alongside the Checkmate website’s personal logo.

"The legal issue is it's your face, and your name. You own it," Crist said. "You can use it, you control it and when someone misappropriates it -- that's when you're violating Florida law."

The lawsuit filed by 28-year-old Simmons requests an undisclosed amount of monetary damages as well as a legal injunction to stop publishing the overused image.

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