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Attract summer hummingbirds by planting a rainbow in your garden

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Hummingbirds are one of Mother Nature's greatest gifts to the summer months. These small, colorful birds are adored by bird enthusiasts, photographers, naturalists and, honestly, just about everyone else. Their diminutive size and ultra fast flight make them difficult for many to see and they are often mistaken for bumblebees in both size and sound. It is the distinctive sound that they make while in flight that gives them their name. These birds eat nectar, tree sap, pollen and occasionally small insects. This diet makes them a valuable part of the ecosystem as they are prolific pollinators. Many people attract these birds by planting red flowers or hanging specialized hummingbird feeders that are either red in color or feature red sugar water. However, these birds are not attracted exclusively to the color red. If you would like to attract more hummingbirds to your yard or garden, you should consider planting a veritable rainbow for them to feed upon and enjoy. Not only will more hummingbirds visit your outdoor sanctuary, so will butterflies and bees, making your home a pollinator's paradise.

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The following list of flowers offer the most color-and versatility-when attracting hummingbirds:

  • Peony-choose from shades of white, pink, red, coral, purple and yellow
  • Flowering tobacco-choose from shades of pink, white, red, lavender and lime
  • Hibiscus-choose from shades of yellow, salmon, white, red and pink
  • Red hot poker-these flowers range from yellow to red on a single stem
  • Penstemon-choose from shades of red, pink, purple and blue
  • Trumpet honeysuckle-choose from shades of red, orange and yellow
  • Cardinal flower-red
  • Delphinium-choose from shades of white, pink, lavender and blue
  • Columbine-choose from shades of yellow, red, white, pink, purple, blue , coral, lime and mixed bi-colors on a single flower
  • Trumpet vine-shades of orange, from coral to salmon
  • Daylily-choose from shades of white, cream, yellow, pink, red, orange, pink, chocolate and cream
  • Bee balm-choose from shades of red, pink and purple
  • Viburnum-choose from shades of white, pink and cream
  • Petunia-choose from shades of purple, pink, white, coral, red, yellow, blue, chocolate and black as well as multi-color blooms
  • Coral bells-choose from shades of red, brown and coral
  • Salvia-choose from shades of blue, red and purple

Please view the attached slideshow to view all of the above flowers.

Quick Tip: As with any garden, before purchasing plants, do a little research to ensure your choices are appropriate for your growing zone. Also, don't purchase flowers that require full sun if your yard is shaded and vice versa.


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