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Attorney General Swanson Gives Tons of Advice on Selling a Timeshare

When it comes to government officials who stand up for timeshare owners, Attorney General Lori Swanson is one of the most concerned about their financial welfare and decision making. She was elected AG of Minnesota back in 2006 and got re-elected in 2010 for being a proactive advocate for things such as predatory lending and consumer protection. Swanson’s office’s official website released an article giving timeshare owners tips on how to avoid rip-offs. Here’s the link:

One of the things that Attorney General Swanson points out is the fact that timeshare owners should be more suspicious whenever someone asks for an up-front fee. Getting you to send them your money is the main thing on scheming telemarketers’ minds when they are reading you their rehearsed script. Sometimes they will talk an owner into sending them $500, sometimes $1000, sometimes even more. Don’t fall for it! If the transaction was a legit one the money would have been taken out after the fact (or it would’ve been subtracted from the total price of the sale). Speaking of wiring money, Attorney General Swanson also points out how hard it is for law enforcement to get yours back after you send it to someone this way. You’d think that people would be much more cautious about shooting funds to a stranger, but you’d be surprised at how many owners are so tired of being in the timeshare trap that they will almost unthinkingly send thousands of dollars to anyone that seems like they could help them to get out of it. Big mistake!

Timeshare bandits will come up with a million excuses why you have to pay upfront fees to sell a timeshare. Many people will try to cheat timeshare owners, so be careful. Don’t be part of the high victimization rate. The BIG question is, who can consumers trust when trying to cancel a timeshare contract legally and permanently? Visiting sites such as will be to your benefit. The helpful advice there mirrors what Attorney Swanson suggests. One of these things is simply doing research on a company before even thinking about paying anyone your hard earned dollars. Many folks can recognize a pressured sales call within a few minutes of getting on the phone with telemarketing con artists. But when that same person with the guarded, cautious-type of personality (who’d normally spot hoaxes) is so very eager to sell their timeshare, the words through the telephone receiver from the sly salesman can sound like music to their ears.

Attorney General Swanson says that you should check with your State government (or whichever State they are located in) to be sure that they are a legitimate business. Most of the time, they are not. These timeshare owners should check with their resorts to see if they have any kinds of programs to help them resell their timeshare instead of getting overzealous and frantically sending money to an illegal company that you probably won’t even be able to contact after you shoot them all of your cash! That being said, even after checking with the resort, you should always get everything in writing.

Since 2001, the Consumer Protection Attorneys at The Abrams Firm have had views similar to those of Attorney General Lori Swanson, and have been committed to canceling timeshare contracts and releasing consumers from timeshare obligations. Their advice to consumers is to s-l-o-w down. The safest way to get out of a timeshare, starts with putting your wallet away! Put the burden on the service provider to perform the timeshare divestment first. Get the billion dollar resort to comply, then payment is earned. Lawyers call this a “100% contingency fee” that is all or nothing.

Consumers should seek one of the most consumer-friendly fees (lowest cost), and should demand a flat rate fee, without paying a penny more. The Abrams Firm ( is the World’s Leader in Timeshare Divestment. The Consumer Lawyers there have a history and tradition of securing justice. Owners needing a release from a timeshare contract should consider that the place with the best published track record (99.2% over five years) is also the one that does NOT charge upfront fees. The Abrams Firm can be easily contacted at (360) 918-8196.

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