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Attorney General asks for help online to find Ohio's ‘missing’ 173 sex offenders

On Friday, Ohio Attorney General Mike DeWine announced they needed the public’s help to locate 173 of the state’s unregistered sex offenders, as these people haven’t updated “where they’re living, and it’s important for people to look at the database and see who’s in their area,” said the spokeswoman for the attorney general Jill Del Greco.

Ohio ‘missing’ 173 sex offenders and the Attorney General asks for help online
Facebook, Ohio Attorney General

Their office used their Facebook page asking everyone to keep a look out for them and to call their local sheriff’s office or to use the 855-BCI-OHIO (855-224-6446) if they are spotted.

From rape to sexual battery, from Compelling Prostitution to unlawful sexual conduct with a minor, the 173 men and women have not left details as to where they are living now.

Each individual’s link has information such as age, hair and eye color, height and weight along with other pertinent information such as scars or tattoos. Their last known location is also listed with a larger picture with their name underneath.

Del Greco had mentioned the use of social media, like Facebook, “has proven to be a valuable tool in tracking down noncompliant sex offenders” also saying, “We do get tips from the public.”

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Social media has worked wonders when it comes to helping find those who need our help the most as well.

The National Center for Missing and Exploited Children (NCMEC) believes whole-heartedly in using media like Facebook, as the statistics have proven beyond a doubt that it works.

A spokesman from NCMEC had stated in 2011 they had observed, “…the highest found and return rate they have ever seen. The recovery rate of missing children found and returned is 96.5 percent today, compared to 60% in the 1980’s.”

As far as those who have gone below the radar when it comes to sexual offenses, the Franklin County Sheriff’s Office has a website where offenders can be searched in local area(s), people can receive email alerts for when an offender moves into the area along with safety tips.

An option located on the page also includes those who have been noncompliant within a certain area.

Please remember: It is always best to not engage anyone and to simply call the local sheriff, police or 855-BCI-OHIO and let them safely handle any situation that might occur.

For more info: for those who live Ohio and want more information, please contact the Ohio Attorney Generals Office at: 800-282-0515 or local: 614-466-4986. They are located at 30 E Broad St #14, Columbus, OH 43215 (Transit: E Broad St & N High St). For directions, please see Google Maps

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Ohio Missing Persons Community Support:

  • Ohio Attorney General: ‘In this traumatic time do not cut yourself off from others who can support you such as family, friends and clergy. Talk to your doctor if increased stress is affecting your health.”
  • Team Hope: The mission of Team HOPE is to assist families with missing, exploited and recovered children by offering peer support including empowerment, emotional support and coping skills from a trained volunteer who has had or still has a missing or exploited child.

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