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ATTN: Cat Lovers! The Side Scoop is here!

Side Scooper
Side Scooper
side scooper

Finally! I don't even have a cat and I like this. It scoops side ways. Why use it?


The longer handle allows for ergonomic handling, which is better on the back, wrists and shoulders.

The sideways scooping motion makes it less likely to over-scoop litter out of the box, because it scoops sideways like a ladle, instead of front ways like a shovel.

Sideways scooping is a more natural movement direction. Think about it. We use eating utensils, toothbrushes, combs/brushes, brooms, pencils, etc. in similar positions with sideways motions.

The walls and slightly dipped bottom prevents scooped waste from falling back into the box; flat shovel-like scoops with no walls are like trying to balance a ball on a paddle. Ever try that?

The scoop also has slits on the floor and walls for easy sifting, and the scoop design makes it easier to discard waste with a sideways dumping motion, which cuts down on dust.

The scoop can also be used to scrape and clean around the inside of the box.

Definitely a better scoop for everybody – adults, children, seniors, people who need to sit – everybody!

The scoop will be available in both right-handed and left-handed versions because we all love our cats!

The scoop will be available in four colors: periwinkle blue, ivory white, hunter green and black.

The scoop is light-weight but durable.

Grab your scoopers here

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