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Attic Light releases first single from ‘Different Shades of Black’ CD

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Attic Light, a local upstart rock and roll band released their first single, “Market,” on May 20 from their upcoming album, Different Shades of Black as a precursor of their CD release party on June 24.

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“The CD, Different Shades of Black, is not set for release until June 24. The lead single ‘Market’ will be available on May 20,” Nathan Bowman, lead singer, said. “Though not many have heard the CD in its entirety yet, some have been given a special sneak peek. Those lucky souls have really gotten into the gritty, organic sound. We wanted something that sounded natural that would invoke a visceral experience, and, I think people have responded well to that, both from listening to the CD and especially from our live shows.”

Bowman said that he and his band had been working a lot in Kansas City area clubs for the past 18 months to build their name as they prepared for a tour and to launch their first CD.

“We began touring at the end of May, an entire month prior to the release. The initial legs of the tour will be focused on promoting ‘Market’ and pushing pre-sales of the EP (extended play). We hope to build momentum by touring up until the release,” he said.

When listening to Bowman’s music, influences of the old British Invasion and that era come to mind. Bowman’s band has hints of Jim Morrison and the Doors, Eric Burden and the Animals to name just two. The guitar riffs are like some from the next generation and Eric Clapton and Peter Frampton. Mixed together, they provide a new, exciting sound of danceable music.

“People are definitely catching on to Attic Light in the KC area and understand what we’re trying to do. Our music as a certain dance sensibility that a lot of rock doesn’t have,” Bowman said. “We like to call it ‘Dance Rock.’ People like to move so I think there’s a certain appeal to that. We’ve been given quite a bit of attention for our live shows, where our stage presence is highly energetic, eclectic, and stylized.”

Even Pitch noticed Bowman and his band and dubbed him “ . . . as one of the “Best Sexy Musicians” in KC last year in the Pitch’s “Best of KC 2013” edition.

“Until recently we play KC at least twice a month. We wanted to hit the club scene hard to establish our presence here before moving on to anything else. However, we’ve since taken a break from the KC scene to record and release this album,” he said.

The next KC show will be the Album Release Party at Davey’s Uptown on June 27, Bowman said after about a year and a half of preparation and audience building and CD anticipation.

“Our best crowds in KC have always been found at Czar Bar or Davey’s. However, time and again, our biggest crowds have always been at that little gem right up the road, Café Acoustic in St. Joseph, Mo. We’ll be there on June 6. The title sounds like an acoustical club, but it’s not, really,” Bowman said.

Both KKFI and SLAM Radio gave their previous demo quite a lot of play time, Bowman said. Attic Light’s upcoming release has already been sent to regional stations should be on the look out for it.

Bowman said the creative and writing processes take different turns and different song hold different thoughts from each band member.

“The favorite song on the CD probably differs for each band member. Mine is the song ‘Help Me Darlin’ I like how simplistic it is, yet more than others it makes people move. For purposes of single promotion, I think ‘Market’ certainly speaks best to our sound. Driving drum and bass rhythm meant to set the grounds for a good dance beat accompanied by loud guitars meant to punch that beat,” he said.

The official launch occurs next month and Bowman said Attic Light anticipates some good sales and plays.

“When it’s released, it will be available for purchase on iTunes, Amazon, Google, and most other major online stores. There will also be links for purchase posted to our website and Attic Light's Facebook page. You can currently listen to samples on our website,” Bowman said.

Bowman described the songs to help others know what to expect and listen to:

“Demigod”/ “Holiday”
“We really wanted something that was high energy and in your face to kick off the extended play offering. It’s a song about opposition. No matter how powerful you are, we’re still here and we’re going to win.”

“Help Me Darlin’”
“This song is one in which the beauty is in the simplicity I think. It’s for anyone that wants something really bad and can’t have it.”

“Our attempt at a satirical piece, ‘Market’ is about a high living socialite who is oblivious to the world around them. “Market’ is probably most representative of our sound, hence our making it the lead single; driving drum and bass rhythm meant to set the grounds for a good dance beat accompanied by loud guitars meant to punch that beat.”

“Half of the band comes from a background in theatre. This song was inspired by anyone (myself included) who has ever auditioned for anything. Specific it’s about a person who has their eyes set on stardom.”

“Substance of Choice”
“This song is about enjoying your vices, whatever they may be.”