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Attention Women!!! Tranquility and Children? Wait.. .WHAT????

Cleveland's Herb Gardens
Cleveland's Herb Gardens
Western Reserve Herb Society Garden / Copyright © 2009-2012. Western Reserve Herb Society. All Rights Reserved.

Women are amazing creatures, aren’t they? They do everything. In short, very short, they manage children, sometimes husbands… uhhhhh yeah, husbands…. their time - the entire household and everything that entails AND somehow attend to themselves. Some even have their own jobs, which, by the way, takes us away from managing ‘households’ at least eight hours a day anyway – wait, throw in a few extra hours of drive time - and yet still manage the household during those eight plus hours… successfully! Yes, successfully.

August has amazingly and suddenly appeared upon us! Don’t you love the visuals???? All the shelves are emptied of flip flops, beach towels, sunglasses and sunscreen and are being replaced with ………..ready? School supplies!!! It is such a powerful image that it suddenly forces us to savor every last split second of ‘summer.’

Women, who are also mothers, have the annual challenge of keeping restless children, regardless of age, occupied and interested at this tail end of summer days. Here’s an idea….. introduce them to herbs!!! Seriously… uh… what? Wait, what? HERBS??!!!! Yes!

Think about this. Summer vacation is not only the time given, to relax, or try to, but to do something completely different – getting off the merry-go-round of life, so to speak - and spend uninterrupted time with your families… friends… even alone!!! (try that!) creating memories. You have all been there. Walking along the city streets, small town, big city – wherever - a path in the woods, untraveled or otherwise, and you suddenly smell that thing… that… scent… that identifies a place you have been, and literally, in an instant, you are immediately transported to that place where you first inhaled that experience. Sentient. How wonderful and powerful!!! It is amazing this mystery that has becomes such a vivid part of life. Scents are powerful!

Tranquility found is most scents are something to be recognized as being vital to overall well being, not only to women, but to a whole family. Even a few minutes makes an impact. Experiencing the scents of herbs, flowers, food, your loved ones (yes, they do have a scent), even the sunrise and sunset have a scent, depending on where you are and who you are with – is a powerful occurrence nurturing your mind, body and soul. What the scents of herbs do is stimulate those parts that are inherent in all human beings, an important contributor to our receptors, changing us.

Cleveland offers many many herb gardens to visit. A great introduction - The Western Reserve Herb Society Garden. This is a garden supported by the Western Reserve Herb Society of America and is recognized as one of the finest public herb gardens in the world. According to their site information, this herbal sensation has over 4,000 plants growing in this garden! Not only does an experience like this prove to be educational as to how herbs grow and the power they contain, but provides the experience that will definitely heighten your senses.

One of the things a woman can do for herself that could include her family and will impact their overall well being, recharging their mental, physical and emotional energy to do the things that are demanded of them, is to experience the tranquility found in smells. Try something new! Try something different! Inhale a new experience!

“….. even as I think of smells, my nose is full of scents that start to awaken sweet memories of summers gone by and ripening of fields far away.” Helen Keller


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