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Attention Ladies; Male watching on the 8th


For some of us this day is celebrated every day of the year but usually discretely, but on the 8th we have an excuse for some major gawking rights.

Doesn't matter if your single or have a significant other, you can have a lot of fun with this day! Although a home improvement store might seem like a smorgasbord of manly men to feast your eyes upon, it's not quite as much fun if they are pre-occupied to the point they don't notice. Instead, hit the malls, sports bar, club or coffee bar on the 8th for some major eye candy. If your a tamed kitten you might decide to stay in and indulge in admiring your man busy completing task from the "honey-do list", this might prove to be more eventful in the end.

Why let men have all the fun so boldly, let's beat them at their own game on the 8th and male watch like lioness!


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