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Attention Freelancers: Free Coworking Day Tomorrow at Cohere Community

Discover the a great community of freelancers...for free!
Discover the a great community of freelancers...for free!

Have you ever wondered if there's a more sustainable, social way to be a full-time freelancer?

Coworking facilities (shared work spaces specially designed to facilitate socialization, productivity, and collaboration amongst freelancers, business owners and telecommuters) are popping up all over the country...even Fort Collins!

Cohere LLC, located at 215 Jefferson Street in Old Town, Fort Collins is a membership based coworking community where creatively technical people come to work and collaborate.

If you're interested in learning more about what this community is like, you're in luck!

Cohere is inviting any and all Colorado freelancers to stop by for a whole day of free coworking tomorrow, June 15th from 9am-4pm! Learn more at the Facebook event page.

Bring your laptop and phone and awesomeness. Coffee, snacks, local celebrities, and a giant sandwich for lunch will be provided!

Some sustainable facts about Cohere:

  • The building is 100% wind powered since the inception of the wind energy program in the late 90’s. The 40 foot long skylight and 2 large windows allow members to forego artificial lights most of the time.
  • By coworking, members reduce their individual resource needs by sharing space/utilities/energy.
  • Cohere's coffee is direct trade from local roaster Jackie’s Java and their snacks come primarily from the Grant Farms Organic fruit share throughout the summer.
  • Cohere curator Angel purchases carbon offsets from when long travel read: the Ikea trip, is required for business (which is rare).
  • Cohere is bicycle & walker friendly with bike racks and a shower for people who bike long distances to get here.
  • They have a robust recycling and composting system.


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