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Attention fosters for GCACS: Promote your foster pet on Examiner

Henry, now in foster care for GCACS
Facebook: Greenville County Pet Rescue

Attention fosters for GCACS. Would you like to promote your cat or dog on Examiner.

This article should be shared with fosters for Greenville County Animal Care Services, in an effort to find forever homes for the cats and dogs in their care.

The shelter system in Greenville, South Carolina has a problem, as do most in the entire United States. For those who work closely with animal rescue, it's easy to determine what's happening. Besides people not having their cat spayed or neutered.

GCACS, located in Greenville, South Carolina, is considered a high-kill shelter. It was determined awhile back that one pet is left at the shelter every four minutes the shelter is open. This adds up to 18,000+ pets per year. Perhaps a good many more, since I don't have recent figures.

The foster system is bottlenecked, and it's going to get worse with kitten system upon us. Cats and dogs are turned into the shelter, where they soon end up on death row. Rescues are full, and the fosters who help them are full.

Because the fosters are full, they can no longer take any more pets to help out the rescues. Nor can they foster directly through GCACS if they have no room in their home to care for more cats.

There's a simple solution to ease the burden. The shelter tends to forget these fostered cats and dogs. Their concern is the urgent animals, the ones with only days to live. Once an animal leaves the shelter and goes into foster care, many times it's forgotten.

The goal here is to free up space in foster homes. This can be done by promoting the foster cats and dogs being cared for.

I can't simply go to the foster album on the GCACS Pet Rescue page and start writing. Some of these animals are likely 'foster to adopt,' meaning the foster intends to keep the animal in their care.

The goal isn't to take these pets away from a foster failure. It's to find out which animals are in foster care on a temporary basis, and promote them.

If you have a foster pet you'd like promoted from the Greenville shelter, please send me one good photo, along with the link on the Facebook: Greenville County Pet Rescue page. This will simplify this project.

A quick article will be done to promote that pet. Be sure to add any tidbits, such as good with other pets or needs to be an only pet. It's best adopters know as much as possible to prevent the cat from being returned to the shelter.

My email is If you're on my Facebook friends list, you can leave a PM or post on my wall. Hopefully this will ease some of the burden, allowing more cats and dogs to be saved. At this time, I can only handle fosters at GCACS.

The photo of Henry, who is in medical foster care, is just one example of the beautiful cats available for adoption through the shelter. He needs a rescue or adoption commitment.

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