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Attention deficit disorder? Does your child have these symptoms?

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Many children are very active and have difficulty paying attention. Teachers are often the first to notice that there is a possible problem. Parents often wonder if teachers just want perfect acting children in their classrooms.

Parents frequently feel that there is something wrong or may minimize their child’s behavior not wanting to admit there may be a problem. Ignoring the problem won’t make it go away, but early intervention could make a huge difference in their social and school success. Check out some of the symptoms below.

The signs for attention deficit/hyperactivity disorder are listed below.

Inattention problems

Difficulty with paying attention to details or making careless mistakes
Difficulty paying attention while playing or completing tasks
Frequently does not complete tasks, homework, or following through
Trouble organizing tasks or activities
Often loses things
Is easily distracted by anything going on around them


Has difficulty sitting still or remaining in their seat
Frequently runs around, climbs on things in places where it is inappropriate
Has problems playing quietly
Often “on the go”
Often talks excessively


Frequently blurts out answers or questions before questions have been completed.
Often has difficulty waiting their turn
Poor boundaries, often interrupts others while talking or may butt in while others are playing a game, etc.

It is not necessary for your child to meet all of the symptoms listed above. If you suspect your child might have ADHD you will need to contact a doctor that specializes in attention deficit disorder (ADHD). Luckily Atlanta has many resources for help in this area, please see the links below.

This information was taken from the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders /4th addition.

Brain Balance Centers GA 

ADHD Therapist in Atlanta

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