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Attention Bookworms and Bargain Hunters: Half Price Books Clearance Sale 2014

Half Prince Books Clearance Sale at Cuyahoga County Fairgrounds
Half Prince Books Clearance Sale at Cuyahoga County Fairgrounds
Cuyahoga Country Fairgrounds

Nowadays, finding a place to shop for books without resorting to the Internet is pretty tough. Granted, Amazon is hideously convenient, and the thrill of obtaining free shipping is always a perk, but there’s just something about perusing the physical pages of a book that keeps readers everywhere from completely converting to online sources.

Enter Half Price Books.

Half Price Books, where there are books of every size, shape, language, and subject. Where there are movies both popular and long-forgotten, and television shows with the special features distinctly lacking on Netlix and Hulu. Where there are albums and soundtracks that you never realized that you needed until you saw them there. Where it is best to budget an extra twenty minutes into your time because you’ll stumble across something in every aisle to investigate. The array of entertainment is so diverse in subject and era that it’s nearly impossible to exit the store with only one item. Fortunately, the deals—ranging from 20% off new releases to full walls of bargains for fractions of their original prices—are so consistent and more than reasonable that walking away from a Half Price Books location with an armful of books, movies, and music feels more like an accomplishment than an extravagance.

Fortunately for Northeast Ohioans, the Cuyahoga County Fairgrounds in Middleburg Heights features the opportunity for shopping accomplishment this weekend even greater than any other time. Beginning on Friday morning and coming to a conclusion on Sunday evening, the Half Price Books Clearance Sale has amassed a huge inventory for blowout prices.

The event is spread over two warehouse rooms, each filled with a variety of books, movies, and music for almost obscenely low prices. Everything is $3.00 or less, with many items falling even lower. DVDs—including full seasons of television shows—sell for only $2.00, and an entire row of tables is dedicated to fifty-cent paperbacks. Even comics, LPs, and CDs have their own stations. Thankfully, both baskets and carts are available for shoppers.

Now, such a massive inventory could conceivably present major problems for any sort of order. The staff, however, is remarkably helpful and organized; even as the afternoon crowds began to fill the space, workers managed to provide a comfortable atmosphere for shoppers. The checkout was somewhat intimidating at first glance, but the efficiency of the setup kept the line moving. This is no common flea market; the staff is able to handle check and credit card transactions as easily as cash, and the whole experience is so easy and enjoyable that you’ll find yourself wanting to go back for another basketful.

Hours for the Half Price Books Clearance Sale:

Friday and Saturday: 10AM – 7PM
Sunday: 10AM – 5PM

For more information, click here.

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