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Attempted murder: Victim not dead, just unconscious

Nicholas M. Harris was arrested after he beat a man unconscious and tried to bury him.
Pinellas County Sheriff's Office

We’ve seen it happen in the movies: A thought-to-be dead character magically comes back to life. Last week this phenomenon actually happened to a Florida man who, after being beaten unconscious, was thought to be dead but woke up. The Tampa Bay Times reported on Saturday, Aug. 16, that a St. Petersburg man was arrested in relation to this crime after he tried to bury the not-dead, “dead” guy.

Nicholas M. Harris, 20, was arrested last week after he attacked an unnamed man with a BB gun. Authorities said Harris hit the man with the metal gun multiple times, rendering him unconscious. Believing that he killed the victim, Harris drug him to his car and left for home.

When Harris got to his destination a witness and his girlfriend watched him drag the victim from the car into the home. Harris then asked his girlfriend for help burying the body (because, you know, burying a person is kind of hard). As you might expect, she refused his request. Police said that because she would not help, Harris threatened to kill her and the other witness with a knife.

Then, because the human body is way more resilient than it gets credit for, the seemingly dead victim woke up and Harris’ mother and brother drove him to the hospital. Was it the case of a zombie or did this man use super-ninja powers to steady his heartbeat and breathing down? Not sure, but we do know doctors treated him for a broken nose and that he required multiple stitches.

Harris was taken to Pinellas County Jail, where his bail was set at $260,000. His trial dates were not listed. His charges include first-degree attempted murder and multiple counts of battery, assault, false imprisonment, possessing a firearm as a felon, and burglary. Looks like this criminal can now be considered for dumb criminals of the internet.

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