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Attempted murder charges against Pakistani infant dropped

A nine-month-old Pakistani boy facing attempted murder charges in Pakistan saw all charges against him dropped on Saturday, according to a Time Magazine report. The baby boy reacted with a wide yawn from his perch in the arms of a family member.

Musa Khan along with his parents faced charges of attempted murder for allegedly throwing stones at workers who showed up at their home to turn off their gas service for non-payment.

The infant was charged along with four adults involved in what police called "a violent protest" in Lahore during February. Pakistani police became the focus of international ridicule after charging the baby about a week ago.

Critics say it is common for Pakistani police to file exaggerated charges and complaints against the poor in their communities. However, when word got out that Pakistani police had charged a nine-month-old baby with attempting to murder the adults in question authorities were shamed into dropping the charges.

Baby’s lawyer, Irfan Tarar notice notified representatives of the Associated Press of the dismissal earlier Saturday.

Booking photos that showed the baby crying while being fingerprinted went viral on the Internet. Little Musa was comforted with a bottle of milk after he was booked for attempted murder.

Police charged that Musa, along with his father and grandfather, was part of a group of slum residents at threw stones at gas workers as they attempted to disconnect service to the Khan residence. Officials say the family had not paid their bill.

Before Saturday, Musa had been out on bond pending the hearing during which Shahbaz Sharif, the chief minister of Punjab Province and the brother of Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif cleared the baby of all charges.

Musa, who was moved out of the community by family members for his safety, did not respond to reporters’ questions after the hearing was over and his case dismissed - other than to yawn.

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