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Attempt to erase history of Anne Frank in Tokyo libraries

Anne Frank ws a courageous teen who kept a famous diary during the Holocaust.
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There is a new trend to deny many real things and events that have happened. History cannot be changed, but for some they can denigrate it so as to make it seem unimportant or even deny its existence. This may be behind the senseless acts in Tokyo. It is here that between 100 and 250 Anne Frank books were mutilated and destroyed. In some cases every book in their library devoted to the biography of Anne Frank or the reprinting of her famous diary was damaged. Japan has many statues and museums dedicated to honoring Anne Frank.

Whoever perpetrated this crime and yes, it is a crime, should be severely punished. Anything that dishonors a memory of the horrific events associated with the Holocaust should be dismissed as rubbish. Many people were part of the endless tragedy and humiliation that was forced upon the Jewish people and others. Most did not live to tell the story, but there are many survivors and they know it was real.

The teen, Anne Frank, kept a diary of events and feelings the entire time she existed in an attic. She was hidden by friends for two years in Occupied Amsterdam. She told the real story that some are still denying ever happened.

The immensity and disgusting nature of everything that happened during this time period must never be forgotten. We are doomed to reenact tragedies of the past if we forget how they occurred. Some of the worse times in human history started almost benignly until the true character of the leader and their intentions became known. We can never forget this painful part of world history or a similar experience could sneak up on us again.

Anything that records our history and acts as a tool to relearn what we may have forgotten or put out of our mind is valuable. Frank’s diary was such a tool. It should have been kept safe for all eternity since she was one of the few who could record events. She did so at much risk to herself and others and at the end paid the ultimate price. Her sacrifice must never be made light of since she was a courageous young woman.

Aside from destroying an historical record, Anne Frank’s haters destroyed a collection of art that should have been able to be enjoyed by millions. The amount of people who already were exposed to Anne Frank’s story must be unfathomable. In Tokyo and many other places in the world, she is revered and honored. Her own library in Copenhagen is well visited and appreciated. To destroy any piece of art is a tragedy, but to destroy writing is as though you would erase someone’s thoughts and that is disheartening to believe anyone would want to do that, but they did.

Yes, these books can be replaced, but this dishonor showed them as they ripped out many pages is absolutely horrible and cannot be tolerated. We must learn to respect each other and other people’s feelings. In most cases, we can embrace differences that are not harming others. We cannot however, accept abuse to other peoples. We can never take matters into our own hands and try to eliminate a race or section of the population that does not live as we think they should. We cannot let this happen to one sect of the population. Who will it be next? Will people with pink hair be targeted or will we not even allow certain people to record their history, their lives and their events?

Freedom and the right of expression are God–given-rights and we must protect them at all costs. No one can take away our history or the right anyone has to record it.

The Anti-Semitic group or individuals that perpetrated this crime should be given the strongest punishment the law allows.

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