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Attempt by Ivory Homes affiliate to evict grandma – legal or moral issue

According to a Salt Lake Tribune article, ICO Multifamily, LLC, appears to be implementing a strategy to force low-income, senior citizens out of the Applewood Park manufactured home complex in Midvale through a series of rent increases.

ICO is an affiliate of Ivory Homes and, according to the Tribune, prominent Salt Lake businessman Clark Ivory is listed as its chairman.

Once the seniors are force out, Ivory will reportedly construct a 186 apartment complex next to a Trax line.

The article led to over 200 comments on the Salt Lake Tribune’s comments page.

While it was generally conceded that the Ivory affiliate has the legal right to use the property as it sees fit, the question arose as to the moral responsibility of Ivory to the elderly whose manufactured homes are located on the property. According to those posting comments:

…this IS a real "moral" issue. Should our State let a developer force old people from their homes to build an apartment complex?

On the flip side, should renters be able to dictate what the property owner can do? They are called tenants for a reason.

….you seem to be more focused here on what is legal, than what is right.

I guess what we're looking for here is some acknowledgement that this isn't exactly a decent way to treat people. If it were your grandmother in one of these homes, would you be looking at it a little differently?

This is 2014 America the only "moral" issues are who other people are having sex with.

No, the only "moral" issue seems to be that others have more than you do. That seems to be the issue echoed on these pages.

… it never even occurs to these folks that forcing old people from their homes in order to make money is immoral.

Just "business as usual" in Utah. Mr. Ivory and his "business associates" preach family & religious values on Sunday but Monday through Saturday it is screw everyone you can to make-a-buck.

The Church leaders in Utah keep talking family values and loving one another. It's time they speak up for the poor and start taking business owners to task for their actions….. Ivory is in thick with the LDS church.

A culture that allows our seniors to be removed from their homes into who knows what is a corrupt, greedy culture without morals or empathy.

It epitomize's why Greed used to be considered a sin.

You're listening to what they say instead of watching what they do. I made the same mistake for nearly 40 years. Hard habit to break.

This entire deal has a stench about it.

Clark Ivory of ICO Multifamily Holdings LLC who purchased the property is certainly all about Ivory Homes even though Ivory has no immediate plans to develop and build immediately…Its spineless that they try to cover it up and wont admit what the long term plan is. Ivory will make millions and millions on this development. I wish they could somehow compensate those that will be forced out.

I am just saying that trying to run a business that makes a profit is not a foul thing. No one buys a piece of property and then decides how they can lose as much money as possible. No one has shown yet that the amount [of rent] being asked for is out of line. Maybe it is. Maybe it isn't. But there is no guarantee to the land owners that just raising the rent would drive off all of the tenants.

The tenants are the ones who chose to put homes that cannot be easily moved on land that they do not own.

I'm in agreement with all of your legal points and your discussion about the risks inherent in what these tenants have done. However, anytime someone resorts to the phrase I quoted from your post [“It isn't personal”], it seems that it is an attempt to cover some harm being done. It's an attempt by someone to separate moral consequences from their actions. It is not a co-incidence that your quote is almost universally recognized as being the "essence" of a life in organized crime.

How will Clark Ivory and his businesses resolve this controversy?

Only time will tell.

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