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Attack on Titan video game releases

With its massive eruption of popularity throughout the anime fan community, Attack on Titan or Shingeki no Kyojin, has finally been released as not only one, but multiple video games title by popular demand. However, the Attack on Titan game titles that have been released are only available for Japan until further notice. As of December 5, 2013, there was an Attack on Titan game for the Nintendo 3DS called Attack on Titan: The Last Wings of Mankind hit store shelves exclusively in Japan. The Last Wings of Mankind has two different modes that you can choose to play from: Story mode and multiplayer mode. On story mode, the player can embark on an epic journey that takes place at various locations from throughout the Attack on Titan series. The player can also roleplay as characters Eren, Mikasa, and Armin, and gameplay is complete with non-3D clips from the animated series. The other mode allows you to customize your own character and take one titan slaying missions either by yourself or with your friends. The titan battles take place utilizing the 3D maneuver gear within either the walls, in the forest, or via horseback in the open fields. A considerable number of Attack on Titan fans will have to wait for an undetermined amount of time because there is not any word in regards to a Western release as of yet.

Images from the game 'Attack on Titan: Roar to Freedom'
Images from the game 'Attack on Titan: Roar to Freedom'

The other game title is Attack on Titan: Roar to Freedom, which launched February 7, 2014 to Mobage, resembles games like Dragons of Atlantis and Clash of Clans in terms of style and gameplay. This simulation game has an original storyline from the anime TV series but includes many familiar characters from the show and is heavily based off of Hajime Isayama’s manga. In the game, players find themselves banished outside the walls and must resort to banning together with other survivors in order to establish and build their own city. Roar to Freedom includes original character Veratter who teaches the players how to survive the dangers outside the walls. Her past is shrouded in mystery and her hatred towards mankind is evident. Players can craft necessary resources themselves or acquire them through other players. In the second option, Titans will attack and destroy the chosen player’s town unless the players have developed and strengthened a town that can withstand attacks. This game was released exclusively for select iOS devices and are available in Japanese AppStore.